Hi! My name’s Emma Gore-Lloyd and I’ve been teaching at IH Huelva, aka Academia Britanica, since 2011.  I teach kids and teenagers and adults at a variety of levels.  I took my CELTA at IH Wroclaw (if you’ve never been to Poland, I highly recommend it) and completed the online IHCYL during my first few months at IH Huelva. I will be doing DELTA modules 1 and 2 in Seville this autumn (2014).

My background is in languages: I studied Russian and Czech at Bristol University and then did an MA in Translation and Linguistics at the University of Westminster.  I didn’t become a translator, however, and instead I landed a subtitling job at the BBC. Languages came in useful from time to time but not often enough! After a few years working there as a subtitler and then as a Production Manager I took a career break, travelled around South America, learned some Spanish and thought about what I wanted to do next. I was lucky enough to do some voluntary translation for a museum in Punta Arenas (funny story) and I also taught for a month at a wonderful little school and community project in Salasaca, Ecuador. The latter activity struck me as the most interesting and rewarding and so here I am!


In my time as a teacher, I have learned and tried tons of useful and fun activities, but can I remember them all? Ha! Of course not! So the aim of this blog is to assemble activities I’ve tried out as a teacher’s catalogue for myself and for anyone else who might find them useful.   I will try to acknowledge the origins of each idea but please let me know if you think I’ve been neglectful on that front.

I heartily welcome comments, likes, and, of course, more great ideas!

[Thanks to A.B. for the blog name]

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  1. Beautiful face. Do you do modelling?

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