This warmer can be used with most levels and age groups.

I’m currently thinking of starting an improv comedy night with some friends, having tried out Stand up, Sit down, Lie down with some friends. I searched for a list of improv games that would be suitable for such an occasion and came across this amazingly thorough site, from which I got this warmer (and I hope to get many more).


  1. Pair up the students (threes could work too).  Ask them to imagine they see each other in the street. What do they say to each other? I usually model this with a student first. The conversation, as you can imagine, is usually something like Hi, how are you? blah-blah-blah-whatever-they-can-do-at-their-level.  Stop them quite quickly and ask them to find a new partner.
  2. Tell them that they are going to do the same thing, but this time they are going to imagine they are long-lost friends. This usually gets them hugging each other and laughing. Stop them again after a short time and tell them to find a new partner.
  3. And repeat with a different scenario. I used some ideas from improvencyclopedia:  greet your partner as if they are someone you don’t really trust, as if they are someone you hate, as if they have bad breath, as if you are a cowboy. 
  4. By the last one, the students are often feeling warmed up enough to do cowboy or horse impressions, which should mean they’re feeling comfortable and engaged and ready to speak some English.

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