A Scuttle Of Warmers



Lately, I’ve really noticed the benefits of getting my students to warm up before flexing their English muscles.  Socially speaking, spending a few moments building bonds with others in the group allows them to feel relaxed and confident, which in turn gives them room to practise English without fear of making mistakes.  Warmers can also spark up the imagination, which so often comes into class frozen.

Personally speaking, I find that starting a class by focusing on the students producing language can be a handy reminder that I expect students to contribute to class and not merely sit and wait to receive information from the teacher.

So, I’m collecting Warmers. I’ll be listing and describing the warmers I use here.  Please feel free to comment on any warmers that you felt were particularly good (or bad!) or that you adapted in any way. And of course if you have any warmers you want to share, I’d love to hear them!


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