One Minute Speech

one-minute-timer I have an FCE class of teenagers who come to me straight after eating their lunch and as you can imagine they’re not too energised. I swear one of them was fighting to keep his eyes open last lesson.  So I was on the hunt for some energising warmers to get this group going and what should pop up on my facebook newsfeed but a simple little idea in this British Council video.

If you don’t have time to watch it, then I’ll summarise it here for you: tell the students the topic of the lesson and get them to time their partner talking on the topic for one minute.

Bonuses of this warmer:

  • It gets them focused on the topic
  • It activates their schemata
  • The students’ attention is on themselves and not the teacher, so they are obliged to contribute and participate
  • They can express their opinion of the topic right away
  • It gives the students some autonomy
  • The teacher can set up the next activity while they’re doing it and/or listen for language points that need work

I tried it on the aforementioned class yesterday, having modelled it myself first. We were doing a writing class so I had them talk about writing letters. They did it more enthusiastically than I expected and it had a beneficial effect on the whole lesson. I think it helped having them time each other rather than relying on me to say start and stop, and I hope that giving them responsibility for that little activity can help them shake off the feeling that they can take their post-prandial doze during class.

I also used this warmer with my adult FCE class. They don’t come to me straight after eating, but they can be a little timid with regards to speaking in class, and this warmer did the trick with them too. Thank you, Dale Whitlock!


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  1. It good to educated

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