Facts in a Basket

This activity could be used as an icebreaker or a productive task for a variety of ages and levels. It could even be used as a warmer (although it’s not too quick)  It’s a variation on a Find Someone Who… type task.


Give each student 3 slips of paper. They write one sentence about themselves on each one, eg. I have two step brothers, I once worked as Santa’s Little Helper, and The best book I read last year was The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien.  It could be totally random stuff, or you could ask them to focus on a topic or grammar point you’ve been studying recently.  Th ese slips of paper, once written on, then get folded up and placed in a basket (or box or bin or bag or whatever you’ve got).

Demonstrate the task by shaking the basket, taking a slip of paper, and approaching a student to find out if they are the writer of this fact.  Depending on the level (and time), this could range from one question to a nice little chat. If the person they’re talking to did write the fact, they refold the slip, put it back in the basket and take a new one. If not, then they ask someone else. This can go on as long as you like.  Make sure students are not showing each other the paper and just asking “You?”  – explain that the aim is to practise conversing and not to find as many fact-owners as they can. I usually include my facts in the basket too, so they have to come and ask me.

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