Amy’s Game

P1110100This is a very simple warmer that can be good for revising vocab or introducing a topic.  I used it yesterday with three different FCE classes (teenagers and adults) at the beginning of a writing lesson.  We were writing scary stories for a Halloween competition and so I wanted to get them thinking about spooky vocabulary.  It could equally be used with lower levels and younger students.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Each student writes a word on a slip piece of paper.  They don’t show it to anyone else.
  2. The teacher collects all the slips and reads them out twice, having told the students that they are to memorise the words they hear.
  3. Now, the first student to the teacher’s left says one of the words they remember and who they think said it.  If they guess right, the person who they named is out.  (Make sure they understand that if they say their own word and name they will be eliminated.)  If they guess wrong, they are still in the game and play moves on to the next person.
  4. The next person must then say a word they remember and guess who said it, etc.
  5. Play until there is a winner!

In my lessons yesterday, I boarded all the vocabulary they had come up with when we had finished playing the game and spent a few minutes with the students extending the list – making nouns from adjectives, finding synonyms, etc.

Thanks to Amy, who taught me this game last Christmas during an evening of parlour games!

One comment

  1. Hi everyone
    I used this as a warmer last night with my proficiency class, only in this case they were allowed write a phrase or collocation or expression. I also said that they could choose something they had learnt in class or during reading at home. They were able to share some new vocab with each other and I transferred the ones they wrote onto cards – a la Chia Suan Chong – along with other vocabulary that came up during class to use later on for games like taboo/articulate, etc.

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