Class poem

Our class poemThis simple activity could be done with almost any level to practise adjectives (and perhaps comparatives) and give the class a sense of group.  It will also result in something you can put on the wall.  I found it in a book called Group Dynamics In The Language Classroom by Zoltan Dorynei and Tim Murphey.

  • Ask students for some adjectives that they would use to describe their class. My 11-year-olds have just learnt some character adjectives so these were perfect for the cause. They chose funny, friendly, cheerful and kind.
  • Next, I asked them what or who else they think is funny, friendly, cheerful and kind. To extend it, Dornyei and Murphey suggest eliciting more than a word by asking “”When?” “Where?”
  • Insert the adjectives from stage 1 and the words or phrases from stage 2 into this formula:

Our Class

Our class is as “adjective 1” as “word or phrase chosen”

Our class is as “adjective 2” as “word or phrase chosen”

and so on…

My class came up with the poem above. I also took a photo of the class and stuck it underneath the poem. It now adorns the wall. I hope the students feel as proud of themselves as I do!

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