wpid-IMG_20140218_154407.jpgThis speaking and writing activity can be used for any topic and almost any level.  The activity requires students to put themselves in their partner’s shoes and therefore they really have to listen to each other. At the end, they get to read about themselves, and who doesn’t love that! The bonus result is that this empathy activity encourages a supportive and harmonious atmosphere in the class. I found it in a wonderful book called Classroom Dynamics by  Jill Hadfield.

Students work in pairs and interview each other on the topic you have chosen. I did this activity with my proficiency class. We were studying inversion and had already shared some information in a Two Truths And A Lie exercise. I asked my students to interview each other about one of the Truths. They were to find out as much as they could within the time limit I gave them.

Then the students write up what they found out as if they were their partner. IN our case, the students were instructed to write up the story using as many inversions as they could.

When they’re finished, students can read about themselves and tell their partners if it’s accurate or not.

Alternatively, you could ask the students not to mention names in their writing, and pin up all the writings around the room. The students then have to read all the texts to find the one that is about them.

Here is a example of what one of my proficiency students came up with:



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    that’s a nice activity!!! thanks for sharing!

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