I’m about to start the intensive DELTA course at CLIC (IH Seville).  I doubt I’ll have a lot of time to write blog posts whilst I’m doing that, but I thought it might be useful for me to record some thoughts and impressions, and perhaps useful for anyone else thinking of taking the course. So I’m preparing some questions for myself to answer at the end of each week about the week.  I invite everyone to suggest questions and anyone taking the course to do the same thing!

My questions so far:

  1. What was your lightbulb moment of the week?
  2. What has stressed you out most this week?
  3. What do you wish you could have done this week?
  4. What’s the best activity you observed, learned about or used this week?
  5. What is the best useful tip you’ve gained this week?
  6. What have you done to relax this week?

Wish me luck!


  1. Bad news: I’ve managed to lose the comments with other suggestions because I fiddled around with my blog and made the page into a post, etc.
    Good news: I wrote them all down first! Thanks, Amy B and Anthony!

  2. kristina · · Reply

    Good luck with your DELTA 🙂
    I ‘borrowed’ your questions to use with a group of teachers today. I have referred them to your blog of course. Hope it’s OK with you.

    1. Id be honoured! The other questions that will appear are:
      What book have you added to your wishlist?
      What’s your favourite quote of the week?
      Which area have you improved on?
      What resource (for teaching or learning or otherwise) would you like to share?
      I think that’s it! Hope it’s useful. Let me know if you come with any more good ones!

  3. Forgot one! What’s your new favourite word?

  4. Hope it’s going well Emma! Here’s another one: What’s your main priority for next week? (and that can be a teaching one or a relaxation one!)

    1. Ooh, that’s a goody! Thanks, Sandy!

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