Intensive Delta Course Week 5

tblThis was the fourth week of Module 2 (if you’re confused, we started with one week of Module 3 prep). We had LSA 3 – our third assessed lessons and ate, thought and slept DELTA. We had a bonus day – the bank holiday – which made preparing for LSA 3 a whole lot easier than LSA 2. It pushed everything back a day, though so I didn’t get my LSA 3 feedback until after the weekend. I’m writing this rather late – I’m getting fed up of being at the computer.

1. What was your lightbulb moment this week?

Task-based learning makes so much sense! We had an input session about it on Friday. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go into the language part, but I’ve got the book, so I’ll find that out for myself. I really liked the way the focus is practical language use and the idea that what is learned is not necessarily what is taught is really interesting.

2. What was the most stressful thing?

It seemed much less stressful this week. Thanks, Dia de Hispanidad!

3. What do you wish you could have done?

Um, again, exercise. I think I’ve got laptop shoulder, though. And they’ve taken my favourite yoga videos off youtube. Sad face.

4. What is the best activity you have learned this week?


5. Whats the best tip you have learned this week?

When writing lesson plans, Assumptions are the things your students can already do. If there’s anything you’re assuming they can’t do, that goes in the anticipated problems.

6. What have you done to relax?

I’m still watching crap TV to chill out. And I went out for lunch with a friend on the bank holiday. It’s great having such supportive colleagues on the course, and (I’m sure they’d agree with me) it’s also good for your sanity to see people who have nothing to do with DELTA. Perspective, you know? Also, going out almost never, makes you appreciate it so much more when you do.

7. What is your new favourite word or phrase?

 I think by now we’re just assimilating them without realising, opening up our heads and tipping them in, bypassing the “What a cool word!” phase.

8. What book have you added to your wishlist?

Translation by Alan Maley. Or is it Duff? I like books by him (them). I decided to do Translation for my Experimental Practice. Having learnt Russian, very uncommunicatively, through the grammar-translation method at university and then studying an MA in translation, I’m intrigued as to how it could be used more humanistically. We shall see! 

10. Which area have you improved in this week?

Hmm. Lesson-planning, I hope. 

11. What resource (teaching, learning or other) would you like to share?

I downloaded another book from In The Round called Experimental Practice in ELT: A Walk On The Wild Side. It only cost £4.12 (and you can also buy it in dollars or euros) and is super helpful for anyone doing EP focusing on Dogme, Translation, CLIL, lexical chunking, corpora in the classroom on the DELTA or otherwise. If you’re strapped for cash, they offer a sample lesson plan from the book on that web page.

12. What are your goals for the coming week?

Last week’s goals were:

  • to make sure my lesson for LSA3 is clearly planned out CHECK
  • to start reading for the biggie, LSA 4. NOT CHECK

This week’s goals are:

  • Get my Experimental Practice done and write up as much as I can, but focus on:
  • Reading for LSA 4, writing the background essay, and coming up with a GREAT lesson plan idea.


  1. Love the blog and the post is super useful! I`m just starting my Module 2 course. Also kudos for learning Russian! As a native Russian speaker I admire anyone who manages to learn this monstrously difficult language! Yulia

    1. спасибо!

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