Intensive DELTA Course Week 7

Guess who graffitied the chicken.

Guess who graffitied the chicken.

WHOOOOP! The final week of module 2 is OVER! This one’s just a shortie, as we had no input this week and just had to finish things off (aside from the big LSA 4, of course).

1. What was your lightbulb moment this week?

Definitely all out of bulbs at this point.

2. What was the most stressful thing?

LSA 4. Didn’t go as well as some of my others. By the fifth week of the course, I was kind of fed up of the whole process and finding it hard to stay motivated, and was worried this would affect my last obsessed assessed lesson. It turns out it actually went the other way, and I sort of over-thought it.

3. What do you wish you could have done?

My LSA 4 a bit better!

4. What is the best activity you have learned this week?

I didn’t learn it but I got to try out Talking Wall for the first time. This is an end-of-course activity suggested by Jill Hadfield that I mentioned in my Class Dynamics workshop at the IH Andalucia conference last February.  (See here, and I’ll try to write it up as an activity soon.) It went well, provided closure for all of us, and the students enjoyed it.

6. What have you done to relax?

The students suggested bringing some drinks and snacks onto the roof terrace for the last hour of our class on Friday, and it was lovely. What a great bunch of students! I managed to finish all my essays and whatnot on Friday night, so I spent the whole weekend being resocialised in Huelva with my pals. This was much needed, believe me!

10. Which area have you improved in this week?

Nothing! It feels like it all went downhill! My first LSA was certainly the best. Oops!

11. What resource (teaching, learning or other) would you like to share?

Apparently, you can get small chickens.

12. What are your goals for the coming week?

Last week’s goals were:

  • Killing it in LSA 4, obviously. HMMM.
  • Finishing my final versions of LSA 2 Background Essay and LSA 3 Background essay. DONE
  • Writing up my Experimental Practice assignment. DONE
  • Writing my final version of Stage 3 and also Stage 4 of my PDA. AND DONE.

This week’s goals:

  • Get going on module 1.
  • Get my life back.
  • Update my CV and look for  a good school (preferably in Spain, Exeter, or Burlington, VT)  to give me a job in January. If you know anywhere, let me know!


  1. Benjamin · · Reply

    How about a job in Huelva? 🙂

    1. Haha! It would be gorgeous to work with you again though!

  2. Hello Emma, just came across your great blog as I’m researching when and where to do a DELTA next year. Came up with IH Seville as it seems to be only centre that does an intensive module 2 outside of July/August. Would really be in interested to ask you some questions if you could PM me through FB-(Are you, by chance, an Exonian…?)

    1. Hi Robert. Sure, send me a message on Facebook and I’ll reply. Yes, I am an exonian. Sort of!

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