A Hive of Activities has been shortlisted for an edublogs award!

edublog_awards_teacher_blog-1hgfjy6 (1)

Thank you to everyone who nominated my blog! People have always been so supportive about this blog and it’s much appreciated! It’s  been shortlisted in two categories:

Best individual blog 2014

Best Teacher blog 2014

Now it’s time for the voting. If you visit the site using the links above, you can see the different websites that have been nominated in these categories.  You can see all the categories listed here. I’d recommend having a look – there’s some I’ve heard of there and many that I haven’t – and then placing your vote. You can vote once in each category and voting ends on December 15th.

It’s easy to vote – you just click on the thumbs up sign (you do have to register with list.ly to do so, but you can do it with facebook or google – it’s super quick).  Anyway, if you ended up voting for this blog, that would be awesome! I don’t fancy its chances winning in either category but it would be great to have a respectable number of votes! Thank you, guys!




  1. That’s wonderful news!! Your blog is fantastic and deserves the recognition. 😉

  2. This is great news. I have voted for you three times already!

    P.S. It was great seeing you in Sevilla!

  3. Congratulations. You have my vote!

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