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Hi! My name’s Emma Gore-Lloyd and I’m an English teacher. I taught in Spain for the last four years – three years at IH Huelva, aka Academia Britanica and six months at the British Council in Madrid – and have recently completed the DELTA (see my DELTA diary posts). I have recently moved back to the UK to be nearer family and am hoping to make a living teaching here.

My background is in languages: I studied Russian and Czech at Bristol University and then did an MA in Translation and Linguistics at the University of Westminster.  I didn’t become a translator, however, and instead I landed a subtitling job at the BBC. After a few years working there as a subtitler and then as a Production Manager I took a career break, travelled around South America, did some translation for a museum in Punta Arenas (funny story) and taught for a month at a wonderful little school and community project in Salasaca, Ecuador. Connecting with human beings in the latter activity struck me as the most interesting and rewarding, and so here I am!


In my time as a teacher, I have learned and tried tons of useful and fun activities, but can I remember them all? Ha! Of course not! So the aim of this blog is to assemble activities I’ve tried out as a teacher’s catalogue for myself and for anyone else who might find them useful.   I will try to acknowledge the origins of each idea but please let me know if you think I’ve been neglectful on that front. For more on how to use the blog, see this post.

I have also written about my experience doing the DELTA in Seville and am currently writing about my forays into EAP.

I heartily welcome comments, likes, and, of course, more great ideas!

[Thanks to A.B. for the blog name]


  1. Great blog! I will enjoy reading more of you entries. Are you on twitter? You can find me under @ashowski . I also did my CELTA at IH Wroclaw – did you have Dean as your tutor?

    1. Thanks, and YES! I loved doing my CELTA in Wroclaw! Dean and John are great! Do you get to see them – is there a big IH Poland get together? I’m not on twitter but I have read a number of blog posts lately that are advocating it…

  2. This year there wasn’t any real get together with IH Wroclaw but with the other IH yes there was. We’re hoping to get all the schools together next year with Wroclaw included 🙂
    You should definitely get on twitter. It’s a great way to network, share ideas, share your great blog posts and take part in ELTChat every Wednesday 🙂 http://www.eltchat.org

  3. I did it. I got on twitter. Don’t quite know what to do with it yet, mind. @GoreLloyd

  4. Great blog. It is very well organized and helped me when I’d get stuck lesson planning. Seeing what others have done always spurred me on to find ways to adapt their activities for my students.

    I found that my students in South Korea had a very tough time speaking with any level of fluency. Opening up and talking about themselves always had them turn into timid mice. We started creating “fluency videos” about familiar topics (e.g. Starbucks and space robots) to give them something tangible to discuss. It worked well for us. I put up all our resources (completely free) on a website/YouTube channel in case it could help out other teachers. Please share it with your community if you think it could help =)


  5. Hi Emma,
    This is a great blog – as so frequently seems to happen to me with WordPress these days, I’m not even sure how I ended up here, but I’m glad I did 🙂
    I’m about to leave a job in digital publishing at Routledge to do a CELTA in Berlin and then try the ELT life out in my favourite country, Germany. My blog is in its infancy at the moment, but I just noticed you’re following it, which I’m always chuffed about 🙂
    Take care,

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for the kind words. I haven’t been able to publish anything for ages due to adjusting to a new job and city (Madrid) and working on delta module 3. But I have lots of things to post as soon as I am free! Your blog looks interesting and I’m looking forward to following your adventures (plus I’m biased toward people with Devon connections!). Sounds like you’re pretty prepared for the CELTA – good luck! Berlin is awesome!

      1. Sorry for my slow reply, but I hope your Module 3 is going well 🙂 I am already intrigued by the idea of DELTA, and I haven’t even done my CELTA yet…! I’m just a bit of a loser who loves to learn about language, I think – I thought university might hate satiated the appetite for it, but alas…!
        Thanks for the compliment about my little blog, and for the luck! I’m really excited now 🙂
        Enjoy Madrid – also a wonderful city. Make sure you get out to El Escorial – it’s amazing!
        And Devon is indeed the best: my dad and grandparents are from Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, and my boyfriend’s family from Ivybridge 🙂 Best county in the country!

  6. Hi Emma, just buzzing around and discovered this honey jar – tasty stuff indeed!! I’ve been living here in Spain for some years now (the last 10 in Malaga) and also did my studies in Bristol. I’d love to hear about your DELTA experiences- been thinking about it on and off for ages. If you have a moment to check out my website lukelanguagetraining.com I’d be really grateful for any ideas and/or feedback. Thanks and keep up the good work- I really enjoy reading through your content and use some of the ideas to brighten up my Cambridge classes.
    Take care

    1. Thanks for the nice comments, Luke! I’ll definitely take a look at your site.

  7. Hello Emma. You’ve gone all quiet. Hope everything’s okay. I look forward to reading more of your brilliant and inspirational posts.

    1. Aw, Adi! You’re the best! I know, I’ve been very quiet. Partly because of the delta and partly because of a new job and new city that I had to get used to. To say I’ve loved this new job and found it fulfilling would be rather misleading, and I have withheld from posting for fear of saying what I really thought! I’ll be back!

      1. Ah cool. As long as you’re “hale & hearty” as they like to say in Indian English 😉

  8. Hi Emma! Love your blog! I am working on an education toolkit for teachers and looking to get advice from educators as we build it http://www.betterworlded.org

    Would love to connect with you and hear your thoughts on it!

  9. Thanks for your interest, Shruthi. How can I help? Leave a comment below or message me through twitter: https://twitter.com/GoreLloyd

  10. Hi Emma
    Laura here from NATECLA. Just read your blog piece on the NATECLA conference – really glad you took the time to write about it. As you alluded to, we’re really trying to attract a wider ELT audience to our events and posts on high profile blogs like yours will really help. So thanks. Glad you found the experience enjoyable.

    I’ve been dipping in and out of your website for years and just put 2 and 2 together and realised you and the Emma that made the fab teachmeet contribution are one and the same. ELT is a small world!

    Anyway, keep up the great work with your website and hopefully we’ll see you at the conference again next year (or one of our other regional events).

    Take care

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! “High profile blog”, eh? I like that! I did really enjoy the conference; thank you for having me!

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