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Vocab Swap

This is a short activity you can use to practise or revise vocabulary.  All the students are involved in speaking and actively listening and it can be used as a warmer, a game or a filler. When my adult FCE students had arrived last night and we were about to begin the lesson, I asked […]

FCE Speaking Exam Infographic

After the class a week ago where my students got to grips with the speaking exam and what it entails, I asked them to write down on post-it notes the advice they would give themselves the next time they try a part of the exam. I’ve used their tips as well as some wording from […]

FCE Speaking exam overview – a warmer

This is a bit of a different way to introduce activities that practise the FCE Speaking exam. The students have to use speculative language and their imaginations to decipher a series of diagrams. Some of my teenage FCE students are taking the exam in a couple of weeks and wanted to get to grips with […]

CPE: Pie Protest – Lesson Plan

I made this lesson for my CPE (proficiency) class and it’s centred on this article about pie-throwing protesters in Northern Spain that I read in The Guardian. The areas of the exam it practises are Speaking part 3, and Reading and Use of English parts 1, 2, and 3. My class really enjoyed talking about […]

How To Spot A Liar

I’ve used this activity with both FCE and CAE classes to add another element to speaking practice.  It includes a bit of listening and a spot of lying.  My students enjoyed the challenge of being a convincing liar and also guessing other students’ lies. Start with the trusty old two truths and a lie. When […]

CPE: Run For Your Life! – Halloween Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is based on an article from The Guardian called Zombie Games: Run For Your Life.  It’s about a 5k run called Zombie Evacuation Race where “zombies” run after you and “soldiers” shout at you.  This lesson involves CPE exam style tasks – Speaking parts 1 and 2 and also Reading & Use […]

CPE: 60 Second Idea To Change The World

Due to the late delivery of a CD to accompany my CPE text book, I found myself browsing the internet looking for a suitable listening text.  I came across this BBC segment called 60 Second Idea To Change The World, part of the Forum on the World Service and decided it was ideal for my class. […]

Facts in a Basket

This activity could be used as an icebreaker or a productive task for a variety of ages and levels. It could even be used as a warmer (although it’s not too quick)  It’s a variation on a Find Someone Who… type task. Give each student 3 slips of paper. They write one sentence about themselves […]

Question Swap

This activity (which I think I got from Dean Russell, my CELTA tutor) is a great warmer and can also be used as a speaking activity. It gets the students up out of their seats and talking to each other, whilst at the same time they can be talking about the topic or grammar point […]

One Minute Speech

 I have an FCE class of teenagers who come to me straight after eating their lunch and as you can imagine they’re not too energised. I swear one of them was fighting to keep his eyes open last lesson.  So I was on the hunt for some energising warmers to get this group going and […]