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FCE Speaking exam overview – a warmer

This is a bit of a different way to introduce activities that practise the FCE Speaking exam. The students have to use speculative language and their imaginations to decipher a series of diagrams. Some of my teenage FCE students are taking the exam in a couple of weeks and wanted to get to grips with […]

Quizicon’s 100 most common words quiz

What are the most common words in English and how can this question help FCE students prepare for Open Cloze exercises? In this simple online quiz from Quizicon you have 5 minutes to guess the 100 most common words in English. Simple, eh? And a good challenge! And, guess what, these words all happen to […]

Say That Again!

This is a good activity for practising paraphrasing skills, or for introducing an FCE, CAE or CPE -style Sentence Transformation exercise.  I’ve used this activity in both CAE and CPE classes and I think the students have been surprised at how many different ways they can think of to say something.  They’re also surprised when […]

Shoot Out

This game can be used as an icebreaker, a warmer or a vocabulary exercise.   I’ve never used it as an icebreaker although I wish I had as it would be a good one for learning names.   I have recently used it as both a warmer for a some sleepy teenagers (there was a […]

Amy’s Game

This is a very simple warmer that can be good for revising vocab or introducing a topic.  I used it yesterday with three different FCE classes (teenagers and adults) at the beginning of a writing lesson.  We were writing scary stories for a Halloween competition and so I wanted to get them thinking about spooky […]

Word association (Mallet’s Mallet)

Here’s a nice quick warmer which has been around for ages (for my generation a version of it was made famous by Timmy Mallet and his mallet). Having an oversized soft or squeaky mallet isn’t necessary in the classroom although it’s not a disadvantage. Get the students sitting in a circle and explain the game. […]

Invisible Ball

Have I got a great one for you today! I was actually surprised at how successful this one was yesterday – with both my teens and my adults. It’s very simple and it comes from my new favourite warmer resource: this improv comedy site (where they call it Pass Ball). You could use it before any […]

Facts in a Basket

This activity could be used as an icebreaker or a productive task for a variety of ages and levels. It could even be used as a warmer (although it’s not too quick)  It’s a variation on a Find Someone Who… type task. Give each student 3 slips of paper. They write one sentence about themselves […]

Pen Grab

This is a great warmer I’ve used many times with different ages and levels.  I got it from a talk at an IH conference in Cordoba a couple of years ago, but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten the name of the guy who gave it to us.  He had a white beard. It’s essentially a timed […]

Christmas Dingbats

This quiz is useful as a warmer or a filler or as part of a larger quiz in a Christmas lesson. It’s not easy – I did it with my advanced students last year and they had a good go at it. I found it on a quiz site called Ken’s Quiz Site. ChristmasDingbatQ ChristmasDingbatA