Pass Yes


Copyright © 2014 Emma Gore-Lloyd

This is a good little warmer for focusing a class which I got from that improvencyclopedia site I mentioned in an earlier post.  It only requires two words – Yes and No.


  • Explain that ‘Yes’ means play passes to the person on your right and ‘No’ means it goes to the left.  Demonstrate by saying ‘Yes’ and looking at the person on your right.  Some students will get the hang of this really quickly; with others you’ll need to do a practice anti-clockwise ‘Yes’ round and a practice clockwise ‘No’ round
  • Each player can choose to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ so the students have to keep track of whose turn it is.
  • The website suggests that once everyone’s got the hang of it, you can have a second round with eyes closed.  I tried this with one class of teens and it worked.  Another class of a similar age suggested eliminating those who made mistakes, and I played it this way with my adults too.  Either way, the students were concentrating, listening to each other, and ready to do some work.

I haven’t played this with younger children, but I’d be interested to know how it goes if anyone fancies trying it.

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  1. I tried this with my teens last week and it really livened things up! Good one!

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