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My TEFL story: back to the beginning

I have been encouraged by a friend to write #myteflstory, and I’m nothing if not obliging, so here we are. Five years ago, give or take a few months, I had given up my media production manager job in White City and was just getting started on my CELTA course in Wroclaw (/vrɒtswɑːf/, more or less). […]

Language, Memory and Storytelling

The themes of sessions I chose to go to at the NATECLA conference, although they focused on different topics, seemed to have in common something to do with the roles identity and memory play in language learning: we want to use language to express ourselves and we need to remember what to say and how to […]

Notes from the NATECLA Conference 2016

Having  got used to a luxurious regime of fortnightly input sessions and twice-yearly teaching conferences in Huelva, I have been feeling a bit starved of CPD in Devon. Obviously one can do one’s own reading, but part of the gain from coming together with other teachers is the connections one makes and the way we can positively […]

What the ELT is this job?

I haven’t posted for a while, and that’s partly because there’s been a lot of changes going on. I’m back in the UK, for a start (Yes, of course I miss Spain!), and have landed a job in an area of ELT that’s new to me: teaching international students at a boarding school in the UK. […]

Teachers like us

When I first declared that I wanted to teach English as a foreign language, a friend of a friend told me “But teaching English is for losers.” I don’t tend to see myself as a loser and it wasn’t what you’d call a helpful comment so I stashed it in my grudge pile until this […]

Three years at IH Huelva: proper job

If I could go back in time and tell my newbie teacher self 10 things that I’ve learned about teaching over the last 3 years, I wouldn’t, because half the fun is in working it out for yourself, isn’t it?  But this is what I might say if I did: Your colleagues are a top source […]

Do you teach… A) the book B) the exam C) English D) your students?

(This post is a bit of a break from the norm – it’s some thoughts, ideas and questions aiming towards a resource for planning, rather than an activity.) It’s exam time at my school (Academia Britanica, aka IH Huelva), and my FCE and CPE students and I are preparing for the exams with a view […]