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DELTA Module 3

Wow, I haven’t posted ALL YEAR. There are two main reasons for this: 1) if there was time to do extra-curricular writing, it meant there was time to write my extended assignment (I’ve used that excuse a lot); 2) I moved to a new city and a new job, and it took a bit of time to find my […]

Infographic about Testing (Paper 2, Q1)

To procrastinate doing real studying, but to appease my “monitor” by making it look like I was studying, I made an infographic about testing. I upload it here for you in case you should find it useful, or it should inspire you to make one (assumptions, anyone?).  

Intensive DELTA Course Weeks 8 & 9

It’s all over! Apart from the actual exam, of course. I’ve combined the last two weeks (which covered Module 1) into one post, mostly because there’s not a lot to say. Pretty much the whole course was spent getting to know the rubrics of the exam,  how to lay out our answers, and practising it.  There was […]

Intensive DELTA Course Week 7

WHOOOOP! The final week of module 2 is OVER! This one’s just a shortie, as we had no input this week and just had to finish things off (aside from the big LSA 4, of course). 1. What was your lightbulb moment this week? Definitely all out of bulbs at this point. 2. What was […]

Intensive DELTA course week 6

That’s the fifth – and penultimate – week of Module 2 (if you’re confused, we started with one week of Module 3 prep). We had no LSAs this week – WHOOPEE! Instead we had to do our Experimental Practice lesson and prepare for LSA 4 – the Big One. Starting to get worried about dropping the ball […]

Intensive Delta Course Week 5

This was the fourth week of Module 2 (if you’re confused, we started with one week of Module 3 prep). We had LSA 3 – our third assessed lessons and ate, thought and slept DELTA. We had a bonus day – the bank holiday – which made preparing for LSA 3 a whole lot easier than LSA 2. […]

Intensive Delta Course Week 4

This was the third week of Module 2. We had LSA 2 – our second assessed lessons and generally got pretty tired. 1. What was your lightbulb moment this week? It’s not really lightbulby, more a slow dawning – the top-down and bottom-up processes idea fits with the ideas about how the brain works I read in The […]

Intensive DELTA Course Week 3

This was the second week of Module 2. We had LSA 1- our first assessed lessons, handed in our first background essays and stage 2 of our PDA – professional development assignments. It’s been a busy week! I haven’t got answers for all the questions this time, but here’s what I do have: 1. What was […]

Intensive DELTA course Week 2

This was the first week of Module 2, the teaching practice module, and seemingly the most intense. We’ve had a bunch of input sessions, met our classes, taught unobserved lessons and a diagnostic lesson, got feedback, started writing our Professional Development Assignments and tweaked our background essays (written as a pre-course task). When I say ‘tweaked’, […]

Intensive DELTA Course week 1

We’ve spent a week getting to grips with Module 3, the extended assignment. I’m not going to be doing it until after Christmas, but IH Seville start with this module in case anyone wants to use the students we will meet in module 2 to do our needs analysis, etc.  It’s also useful as an introduction […]