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One Voice

This is a quick, no-prep warmer which can really help students to settle in to class and concentrate. I have a class of adult FCE students who find listening exercises quite difficult. Added to that, their class is at the end of the day so they’re often quite tired.  I decided to find a warmer […]


Invisible Ball

Have I got a great one for you today! I was actually surprised at how successful this one was yesterday – with both my teens and my adults. It’s very simple and it comes from my new favourite warmer resource: this improv comedy site (where they call it Pass Ball). You could use it before any […]

Christmas Dingbats

This quiz is useful as a warmer or a filler or as part of a larger quiz in a Christmas lesson. It’s not easy – I did it with my advanced students last year and they had a good go at it. I found it on a quiz site called Ken’s Quiz Site. ChristmasDingbatQ ChristmasDingbatA

Pass Yes

This is a good little warmer for focusing a class which I got from that improvencyclopedia site I mentioned in an earlier post.  It only requires two words – Yes and No. Instructions: Explain that ‘Yes’ means play passes to the person on your right and ‘No’ means it goes to the left.  Demonstrate by saying […]